Near East Consulting: Analyze


Near East Consulting enhances public participation by analyzing beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors of individuals, groups, and organizations in different settings both nationally and in the Middle East region.

Surveys and public opinion polls

  • Formulate the objectives of the data collection;
  • Questionnaire drafting, design and pre-testing;
  • Unambiguous and specific questions;
  • Determine the sampling frame, its quality, and the sample size;
  • Interdisciplinary survey research;
  • In-person and computer assisted telephone interviews (CATI);
  • On-line polls;
  • Trend analysis;
  • Omnibus surveys;
  • Market research;
  • Surveys of large populations or of sub-groups.
Data Services
  • Operationalizing abstract notions into quantitative variables and indicators through identifying lists of measurable attributes;
  • Data collection, coding and data-entry;
  • Multi-level data cleaning and data standardization;
  • Data analysis and management;
  • Data mining and warehousing.
Focus groups
  • Careful selection of group members;
  • Skillful moderators;
  • In-depth gauging of the intensity of sentiments;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Accurate recording of proceedings and discussions.

  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview)
  • Inperson Surveys
  • Omnibus Surveys
  • Indicator Development
  • Data Solutions
  • Online Statistical Analysis Services
  • Socio-economic & Political Research
  • Media and Communications Research
  • Evaluations
  • Strategic Planning