Near East Consulting: Inform


Through relevant and comprehensive reporting, cross-sectorally and across the Middle East region, Near East Consulting informs objectively, accurately, and by focusing on the identification of priorities and concerns.

Multi-disciplinary research

  • Political research: political systems and public participation; democratization and good governance; electoral processes; intergovernmental relations and local government; human rights and civil society; legal and judicial systems; conflict management and resolution; peace-building and regional security;
  • Socio-economic research: family and demography; gender; social environment and health; education and youth; living standards and poverty levels; labor market dynamics; food security; public satisfaction and confidence;
  • Media and communication research: access to information; readership and viewership; impact analysis;
  • Market research and customer satisfaction.

  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview)
  • Inperson Surveys
  • Omnibus Surveys
  • Indicator Development
  • Data Solutions
  • Online Statistical Analysis Services
  • Socio-economic & Political Research
  • Media and Communications Research
  • Evaluations
  • Strategic Planning